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           Entrees served with appetizer , soup of the day
and steamed jasmine rice. ( except noodle or fried rice dishes) 
           ToGo : served with appetizer of the day 


L 1.Amazing 

 Famous homemade peanut sauce served over steamed mixed vegetables.

 L 2.Garlic & Black Pepper 

Stir-fried with garlic and black peppers erved with  mixed vegetables. 

L 3.Cashew Nuts 

 Sautéed with carrots, onions,water chestnuts, celeries,broccoli,baby corn and cashew nuts.

 L 4.Basil Hot Pepper 

 Stir-fried with chili paste bell peppers, onions,carrots,celeries  and fresh basils. 

 L 5.Sweet & Sour                     

 Sweet&sour sauce with  bell peppers, onions,carrots,chunk pineapples and water chestnuts 

 L 6.Ginger

 Stir-fried with  baby corns, bell peppers, onions, carrots and fresh shredded ginger.

 L 7.Broccoli

Stir-fried with fresh broccoli, carrots,onions and mushrooms . 

 L 8.Mix Vegetables 

 Sautéed assorted fresh vegetables with brown sauce. 

 L 9.Fried Rice   

 Jasmine rice stir fried with meat, egg and mixed vegetables  sprinkled with scallions. 

L 10.Pad Thai  

 Stir-fried rice noodles  with chicken,egg, ground peanuts,mixed vegetables and scallions.

L 11.Se-ew

 Stir-fried  flat rice noodles with  egg, broccoli  and carrots in brown sauce.

L 12.Pad Ba-Mee

 Stir-fried egg noodles  with meat and mixed vegetables in brown sauce . 

 L 13.Drunken Noodle

 Stir-fried  flat rice noodles with mixed vegetables and basil leaves.